Monday, 22 April 2013

With a little help from my friends

This weekend my friend from high school came to help me with my blog.  Thank heavens!  Even though I am fairly new to this stuff and figuring it out as I go along, I am not the most computer literate to begin with.  So help with figuring out how to put links to my other social media and just how to navigate this blog-stuff in general was needed for sure!

Crystal is a wonderful writer and has been doing this blog-stuff for a few years personally and for work.  You can see her personal blog here.  Worth a read for sure!

Crystal came back to Mofo (short for Mount Forest.  Yes we call ourselves Mofos or 'Mofoians'.  Small town living at its best) for a high school friends' stag and doe and was kind enough to lend some of her time to come to my house to show me how to get my blog to its full potential.  I paid her for her time with a latte.  I think we're even.  While our daughters "played" she showed me how to customize the look of my blog and offered to create banners and buttons for me to give my blog a more cohesive look.  So hopefully when my daughter gives me some free time (yeah right!) I can peruse the net for some graphics. 

If it wasn't or Crystal, I would have never met my husband.  She was always very involved in school activities including student's council and my FH was the treasurer so he was stuck in the students council office most of his spare time (very fitting that he was always crunching numbers - he is a chartered accountant now).  Crystal brought me into the office on one of our spares and introduced us.  Funny enough, she taught him how to give me a back massage (I've always had a bad back) and we fell instantly in love.   So I really have a lot to thank her for other than just helping me with my blog.

I am hoping that in the next few months I will be able to really fine tune this blog and get the hang of everything AND make it pretty (who doesn't like pretty things?).  I want to be able to look back at this blog of mine and really feel proud of what I have accomplished and Crystal is going to help me do that.  THANKS!!!!!  Maybe a few more lattes and THEN we'll be even....

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