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Throwback Thursday - My Pregnancy Journal

While I was pregnant I was smart enough to write a bit of a journal so I could chronicle my amazing journey.  It has been on the computer, untouched since my daughter's birth.  I thought it would be nice to share it.  I was really lucky and had an extremely easy pregnancy (except the last few weeks, but those last few weeks are hard for every mama!).  There are so many changes that happen in those 9 long months.  It seems like those 9 months took forever and now my daughter is almost 9 months old and I am wondering where the time went.  I am so glad I wrote down the physical and emotional changes I was going through, or I might not remember and cherish those moments as much as I do. Sometimes the journal is written as if I am talking to my daughter and other times I use generalized terms - I blame mommy brain (best excuse ever).  I also have a love of exclamation marks so you will see a lot of them.  This pregnancy journal starts in December 2011 and ends August 2012;

December 7th

We found out today that we are pregnant! I knew before the pregnancy test came back positive that I was pregnant because I just felt different. A little crampy all the time, but a different kind of cramps then I was used to. My breasts were also a little tender and definately getting bigger (Dave noticed that!). When we saw the two lines on the pregnancy test we were excited and very happy. I kept having to double and triple check the test to make sure it was still positive. When I took the test I was 4 weeks pregnant, we conceived in November. When I was 5 weeks pregnant I went to see NP Laura Riehl (who is actually our neighbour 2 houses over)at the clinic to confirm the pregnancy. I asked a few questions and received some information on pre-screening and was told that I would need to make some decisions about where I would give birth and if we were interested in the pre-screening tests by the time I had my 12 week appointment. I knew right away that I did not want to do the pre-screening because I wanted to go through as few tests as possible and I knew that we would love and care for our baby no matter how it came out. Of course we hope for our baby to be healthy, but if it turns out that our baby has some sort of illness or disability, it will not change how we feel about them, we know they will be loved no matter what.

We told mom and dad Cameron and mom and dad Sharpe when I was around 5 ½ - 6 weeks. Just before Christmas. Dave and I took a picture in front of our Christmas tree holding signs that said “we are having a BABY!”. 

 Everyone was very excited and very happy. They were not shy in telling us that they wouldn't mind a girl in the family since all of their grandchildren right now are boys, but of course they would be happy if it was a boy or a girl. When mom and dad Cameron saw the picture, mom screamed with joy and jumped up and down. She almost choked me, she hugged me so hard! Dad Cameron also gave big hugs and they were very happy! When mom and dad Sharpe saw the picture, mom yelled a happy “WHAT!?” and gave us a big hug, Dad also gave us a big hug and stared at my belly a little bit.

When we told Ryan and Cassie, Cassie sat in my lap and cried tears of joy. She was very happy that there would be another little baby in the family. When we told Randi, she was at work and her coworkers thought she was crazy because she screamed and jumped around saying “I'm going to be an aunt! I'm going to be an aunt!”. I told Steph over facebook because I knew she would scream too, and sometimes it hurts my ears, but she called me right after and told me she was wiggling and very giddy! Every time she sees me she rubs my belly and gives it a kiss. She can't wait to take pictures of my big belly and the baby after it's born!

I have been very tired since conceiving and naps and I have become good friends! I noticed my clothes getting a little tight around 9 weeks and I invested in some stretchy jogging pants to tide me over until I am big enough to fit into maternity clothes.

We have told some of our close friends, and most of the reactions we have gotten are tears of joy and “it's about time!”. Our friends with children are happy that there will be a little playmate for their kids soon.
                                            9 weeks pregnant - stretchy pants were my friends.

Around 9 weeks I noticed my belly looked a tiny bit bigger. I am 11 ½ weeks now and I can definitely see a little baby bump. The last week or so I have been feeling some pressure in my belly so I know that you are growing and making my belly grow with it! Dave and I really love having 'belly time' which is usually before bed or when we are relaxing on the couch together. Dave likes to rub my belly, and I like it too because it feels nice. I'm sure the little baby inside loves it too!

February 2nd

First trimester is done! In the first trimester I found that the smell of oranges really made me sick so I have been finding other ways to get my vitamin C since orange juice is out of the question! Early on I had cravings for soup and fries and gravy but that only lasted a couple weeks.

We had our 12 week appointment today with Lara Riehl NP. We answered some questions, did some blood work and she measured my uterus. I found that I had only gained about a pound which I was relieved about because I read in one of the books that you shouldn't gain more than 4 pounds in the first trimester. Dave came with me to the appointment because we heard your heartbeat today! When I heard it I giggled with happiness, which made a very big sound on the doppler! I tried to contain my giggles as we listened some more, so Dave and I just looked at each other and smiled. Up until that heartbeat we hadn't had any real signs that you were in there so hearing you made it seem more real. We were very excited after! When I had my blood work done, the technician was very excited to use her new prenatal tubes. She said I was the first one to use the new ones. I don't think I was as excited as she was, but it was cute. I had to fill 5 tubes of blood! Lots of different tests!

On Saturday, February 4th we had a little party with some of our close friends. I poured everyone a small glass of wine and told them the real reason for our party! They were all very excited to hear the good news! After a while it sunk in to them that we wouldn't be having anymore crazy parties and we would have more 'grown-up' parties. They were a little disappointed but they got over it. I wore a flowy dress to the party so no one would see my bump. It is definitely getting bigger! When I changed into my PJ's later, everyone could see that my belly is growing! Steph insists on talking and kissing my belly whenever she sees me. Even mom Cameron has started talking to my belly. I'm going to have to get used to it! On the same Saturday as our party I made our announcement 'facebook official' by saying “Dear Facebook: We now know for sure that Dave isn't shooting blanks! We have a bun in the oven!!” Everyone was very excited for sure!
                             13 1/2 weeks pregnant - I'm gaining weight and Dave is losing weight!

February 21

I will be 15 weeks tomorrow and it looks and feels like my belly is growing by the day!

March 5

The last week and a half I have been feeling little flutters. It feels like someone flicking me lightly. Dave really wants to feel a big kick soon. Today I went to the doctor and when she put the doppler on my belly trying to find the heartbeat we heard little kicks. It made Laura laugh that you were kicking so much. She found your heartbeat and told me that it was at 140 which is right in the middle of where we want it to be. My uterus is growing at a good pace as well. In a couple weeks we will be getting an ultrasound and we will get our first glimpse at what you look like. Daddy is finishing painting your room grey today. One day soon I will paint white trees on one wall and then I can decorate! My belly is getting so big, Daddy was rubbing it today and saying “you are so preggers!”. We were talking today about how our lives will be changed soon, but in a good way. Of course there will be sacrifices, but we are so excited to start our family and meet you! You are the size of an avocado today, but on Wednesday you will be the size of an onion! You are growing so fast!

March 16

You have been moving around so much the last couple weeks! We are calling you ninja baby because you are punching and kicking me so much. Daddy still can't feel your kicks, but you are definitely getting stronger! On Tuesday we had our first ultrasound and got to see you for the first time! It was so exciting! You were a little stubborn though, because you were facing my back so we couldn't see a nice profile of your face and we couldn't see if you were a boy or girl. Still a mystery! We saw you moving around and practicing your karate chops. We saw your little fingers and toes and the bones in your arms and legs and torso. I was very gooey after the ultrasound from all the stuff they put on m belly. Atleast it was warm though! They must warm it up at the hospital, because it is always cold when I go to my doctor appointments to hear your heartbeat. Daddy came to the ultasound too, and when I said you were being stubborn, facing my back, he said you are taking after me already. We got pictures to take home and we put one up on the fridge. I am 18 weeks now, almost halfway done! This week you are the size of a sweet potato, hopefully you don't look like a sweet potato! Aunt Randi is going crazy because she doesn't know if you are a boy or a girl and she really wants to know. It is bugging her more than me because she really wants to go shopping and buy you all kinds of cute clothes and shoes...I have a feeling you are going to be spoiled by your grandparents and aunts and uncles! Your Grandma C. saw the ultrasound pictures and said she is in love already! You will for sure be surrounded by a lot of people who will love you and care for you. We can't wait to see you!

March 26

Daddy felt your first kick last night before bed! We have been talking a lot lately about building a new house and I told daddy that you kick a lot everytime we talk about it. He said that maybe you just like his voice so he started talking about all of the awesome things you would do together. “I will flood the yard and build an ice rink and we can go skating. But I need new skates because I have fat feet. I hope you don't have fat feet like me” then you gave a really big kick! Probably showing daddy your 'fat feet'.

April 10

I had my doctor appointment today and everything is looking good! Lara said that you weighed 7 ounces at the ultrasound and that you were looking healthy from what they could see. She also said that you are most likely a girl! We will find out for sure at my next ultrasound next Tuesday. I have to have another ultrasound because they couldn't see all of your brain and heart and they want to make sure that the placenta isn't covering my cervix. You have been very active the last few weeks! Lots of big kicks in the morning when I wake up, some in the afternoon and big kicks at night before bed.

April 17

Had the ultrasound today. You are very wiggly and I don't think the technician got all the pictures she needed again! Daddy and I got to see you again and we got some pictures of your face this time because you weren't facing my back. We are very excited to see you in person in a few months!

June 10

I have had 2 appointments in the last couple months. My last one with Lara let us know that you are a girl! Lara also let us know that you are very healthy so far and so am I. I met Dr. Riley last week in Palmerston. He told me he probably wouldn't be delivering you and that it would be someone from the family health team in Fergus but he would be taking care of my paperwork. You have been getting very strong the last month! I started noticing my belly really moving when you kicked and punched around 27 weeks and now you are moving and grooving all of the time! Sometimes you kick and punch me in weird places that take me by surprise and hurts a little but I guess it is getting pretty cramped in there so you are just stretching out. Daddy started growing his 'daddy beard' a few weeks ago so you are going to have to get used to cuddling with a fuzzy-faced daddy. I have been getting tired again and look forward to naps when I can get them. I only have 3 more weeks of working left and then it will be time to clean the whole house for your arrival! I also have a couple of parties to help plan (anniversary party for grandma and grandpa Cameron, and Steph's birthday party) so I think I am going to be busy. Grandma and Aunt Randi bought you some outfits already. Randi got you a little ninja turtle onesie since you are a ninja already and grandma bought you a cute dress, some onesies and a little tank top and shorts with ice cream cones on them. Daddy is excited to take lots of time off of work after you are born. He is going to spend 4 whole months with us! We are pretty lucky he has such a great job that he can take that much time off to spend with us.

June 24th

We had the 'baby celebration' today. Oh my goodness there are a lot of people who love you already. Over 60 people came to see you (AKA my belly) and me and daddy! Grandma Cameron did a wonderful job decorating. There were birds and birdhouses and flowers everywhere. Great Aunt Judy helped set up the flowers and other decorations and Grandpa Cameron made a delicious feast for everyone. Everyone enjoyed the food so much that there was nothing left at the end of the party! The kids had fun playing with the toys and blowing bubbles and the big kids had fun playing bolaball in the yard. We received so many wonderful gifts from everyone – you are very spoiled already! Mommy and daddy had a great time visiting with everyone and Aunt Steph took some great pictures of us with some of our friends. Everyone is so excited to meet you!

July 10th

I went to the doctor today and they ordered another ultrasound because they said I was measuring big. They think that you might be growing very big! We will have to see what the results are at the next appointment.

July 15th

I finished the trees in your room today. Grandma Cameron helped paint the branches and I did the rest. I still want to paint some blue birds to go in the trees. I also finished painting the picture frames blue, I just need to find some pictures to go in them and hang them on the wall.

I have been busy doing some hot air balloon art for your room as well. I think I have given myself too many projects to do...I hope I finish them before you come along...because you might come early! The last couple weeks you have been extra squirmy and trying to escape out of a 'side hatch' on my right side. You just don't realize that there is no side hatch! You are very determined though. Sometimes my tummy looks like waves in the water when you move lots. Daddy has been talking to you lots, and you really start moving when you hear his voice. You are a daddy's girl already! He loves you so much already. He likes to look at my belly and he gets a special smile on his face when he looks at me. It makes me feel really special and loved when he looks at me like that. You are coming into such a loving family, you are so lucky!

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