Friday, 30 August 2013

Setting Goals - Part deux

My goals for this week are:

1)  Get as much stuff together as possible and have a yard sale.  This includes, making signs and posting them, bringing stuff up from the basement that I have already set aside, scanning the rest of the house for crap I can get rid of, getting change, bags and newspaper for purchases, setting up, then taking whatever is left over after to the Cancer Patient Services Thrift Store in town.  Hopefully this is a good weekend for a yard sale - long weekend and the fair is in town.

2)  Do as much gardening as possible while outside taking care of the yard sale.  This only makes sense, because I will be outside anyways.  Might as well get something done.

3) If it is raining, clean the garage instead of gardening (I was going to writeinstead of doing number 2”, but my inner 10 year old quickly realized what that could be interpreted as, so I put gardening instead.  Hehehe....number 2...)

4)Write at least 2 blog entries next week.

5) Walk Wicket (my dog - for those non-nerds out there, my dog is named after the Ewok on Star Wars) a minimum of twice a day.  I have been seriously slacking on walks lately.  We have a fairly big backyard, so she does get lots of outside time, but she still needs her walks even though she is an old girl (she turned 15 on Canada day.  I think that is around 90 in human years.  Grandma dog!)

These are very short term goals.  I am starting off small.  I am, though, working on some longer term goals that I hope to post soon.

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