Thursday, 29 August 2013

Setting Goals. AKA Getting my ass in gear

I have been lazy lately.  I mean, other than taking care of another human being, I have been lazy.  Although, the way she climbs my leg to be held makes me wonder if she is entirely human.

I have not just been lazy on my blog, but I have been lazy with my projects that are half started (and have been for months and some even years), I have been lazy about walking my dog, lazy with getting things together for the yard sale I have been wanting to have all summer, lazy with doing gardening and housework....the list goes on, trust me.   I am sure many other fellow mothers can relate to feeling behind or lazy, like me, but I have realized why I have been feeling (and acting) this way; I have not set any goals for myself.

I have realized that I really need to buckle down and get my butt in gear and in order to do that I am going to have to put myself back in the mind set of a student.  Deadlines, expectations, scheduling, goals.....I need that again.  

The last year I have had the time of my life taking care of my daughter.  I love her - there are no words to adequately describe how much, so I will just leave it at, I love her.  I love spending time with her, teaching her, watching her brain work and figure things out.  Even though sometimes I think she is a creature sent from the evil pits of Hell to steal my soul by not letting me sleep, I love her and being with her.  In becoming an observer I have thrown schedules out the window and have just been going with the flow and I have stopped doing the things that I used to spend a lot of time doing, and enjoyed.
 Creating - if you check out my Pinterest boards you will see some of the objects that inspire me to create.
Gardening - I still have not finished what I started in the Spring and the weeds are taking over.  Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.
Writing - I started this blog to get back into writing (and reading) and I have not set any goals for it.  I want this blog to be something I can look back on and be proud of.  I would also like other people to see it - friends, family, strangers - and want to stick around.  I would like to think the adventures I write about and show are interesting to people, but most of all, helpful.

 So far, what I have posted has not been helpful.  I mostly post about my daughter, because, truthfully, I had no idea what else to write about and obviously she is the main part of my life right now, since it is just her and I 70% of the time.  As cute and wonderful as she is (save the times she turns into Demon-spawn when I put her down for a nap) I know that a very small audience is going to find pictures of my daughter pulling the tail of the cat interesting and make them want to stick around for more.  Although, I am sure it would make the people who pa-rouse Youtube for cat videos stick around.  Maybe I need more cats on my blog.....

So, the next few days, weeks, months, I will be setting tangible goals for myself to accomplish.  I hope to post them because that will really hold me accountable.  I am a visual learner so lists are good for me (especially with this lingering mommy-brain, lists are very helpful).

Have you set any recent goals for yourself?

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