Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bad Mommy Moments - First Edition with Linky

All mothers have "bad mommy moments" where they do or don't do something that they feel bad about but most of the time it really isn't a big deal.  These are some of mine.

I didn't ask if my baby was breathing after I delivered even though I didn't hear her crying.
It was one of those moments that I really didn't think about until well after it had happened.  I was in my own world after delivery and had no idea what was going on, I just knew that I had the feeling of sweet sweet relief after 3 1/2 hours of pushing.  I guess I just had an intuition - I knew she was okay so I felt no need to ask. While I was pregnant, I imagined myself asking all sorts of questions when she came out.  "Is she breathing?", "How's her colour?", "What's her APGAR score?", but I didn't.  "Bad" mommy moment #1.

I didn't count my daughter's toes or fingers until 2 days after she was born.
I have heard many moms say that the first thing they do when they get their little bundle is count every little finger and toe and make sure they are all there.  I didn't even think to do it until before we were leaving the hospital 2 days later.  When I admitted it to my mom she replied, "It's okay.  I counted them right away."  For all I knew, Sloan had 14 toes and 3 fingers.  "Bad" mommy moment #2

I squished her little newborn head.
I was in the grocery store, carrying her because she wanted to nurse before we went in the store and then fell asleep in my arms, when I tried to push the cart through the check-out aisle, it got stuck so I leaned into the cart.  By doing this, I accindentally squished her head against the cart.  I haven't noticed any weird flat spots...yet.  "Bad" mommy moment #3.

I left her on a (low) bench for a millisecond and she fell and hit her head on a concrete floor.
This was one of those moments when as soon as I turned around to grab my sweater and took my hand off of her I thought to myself  "I shouldn't take my hand off her, she could fall."  Well, she was on the floor before I even finished that thought.  She cried out of pain, I cried out of guilt.  "Bad" mommy moment #4

This is just a first edition, because in the world of Mommy-hood, I know I will have more "bad" mommy-moments.  I can only hope that my future-bad-mommy-moments will be as miniscule and quick and easy to get over as the ones I have confessed already.


  1. Awwww. Don't beat yourself up, we ALL have those moments! (((hugs)))


  2. Awwww!!! It's OK!! I first learned that one of my oldest could roll when she rolled off the couch. And, once, the twins cried in the middle of the night for food when they were little and I slept right through it. I guess I was just so exhausted...
    We all do it and our kids all survive!!

    1. Thanks! I figure I'm doing an ok job because she is still alive and still has all of the appendages she was born with (and no extra). :)

  3. I can relate..and can tell you that babies are extremely "first-mommy proof" :)
    You'll do great! I would only worry if you didn't find these things worrysome..lol

  4. It happens to ALL of us, trust me. If anyone tells you that it hasn't, they're probably lying. Don't beat yourself up too much :)

  5. I had these mommy moments too, they dont come with a guide on how to's thats for sure. Like others are saying dont beat yourself up, it happens to all moms in some way. ((HUGS))!!!