Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Sweet, sweet sleep. With Linky

This cute little creature slept for 6 1/2 hours straight last night!!  That is amazing since she has been up every 3 hours during the night for the last 4 months.  I didn't sleep all the way through that 6 hour stretch, but it gives me a glimmer of hope that she will, eventually, sleep like a normal person.


  1. Congrats on a good night's sleep for your small one. Hopefully she'll start letting YOU get some sleep. :)

    Thanks for linking up over at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama


  2. Her hair makes me smile every single time. Yeah for sleeping!!!

  3. He's adorable thanks for sharing and linking up at Saving with Saveone.

  4. he is so cute! and congrats on getting some sleep. it will get better from now!